Fold A | 75 x 83cm
Peter Monaghan
27th November 2015
Still Life With Persimmon | 107 x 107cm
Relton Marine
27th November 2015
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Little Dreams VIII | 31 x 31cm
Little Dreams VIII | 31 x 31cm
In Goodness | 83 x 83cm
Little Dreams XV | 31 x 31cm
Little Dreams XIV | 31 x 31cm
Little Dreams XII | 31 x 31cm
Pause | 90 x 90cm
Silent Alarm | 84 x 84cm
Infinitum XI | 31 x 31cm
Flight Immortal | 96 x 96cm
Alternative Truths | 84 x 84cm

Anna Masters


From large, hanging installations and mixed-media compositions to delicate oil paintings, Anna Masters’ works exhibit a tenderness and attention to detail that is recognizable throughout her portfolio. Drawing on a childhood fascination with nature, particularly insects and plants, Masters contrasts the subjects’ organic forms with geometric and formal patterns, creating striking contemporary compositions. Using light, pattern and texture as integral subjects within her work, Masters’ cleverly employs ephemeral references to create a lasting impact.

Born in 1982, Anna Masters lives and works in Kent.