Can-can | 35 x 35 x 34cm
Claire Cohen
27th November 2015
Large Magic Circle | 97 x 94 x 12cm
Rogan Brown
27th November 2015
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Untitled Male Portrait | 120 x 90cm
Untitled Male Portrait | 120 x 90cm
Untitled Female Portrait | 100 x 80cm
Untitled Female Portrait | 120 x 90cm
Untitled Male Portrait | 100 x 100cm

Call Me Frank


Call Me Frank is a young artist (born 1986) from Knokke, Belgium. His pieces of art are made using a mixed-media technique on plexiglass. Combining painting, drawing and the thickness of the plexiglass, a kind of depth and perspective is created in his work. It also creates a well-balanced contrast of light, colour and shadow lines in the background.

Time and time again he searches for images that tell a story both interesting graphically and aestethically. The graphic elements in his work, more specifically his drawing style, come from his curricular background. He attended to schools like SISA Antwerp, KTA Bruges and St Lucas Ghent.

The subjects in his work vary from portraits to more anecdotic topics. The artist will never hold himself back from choosing between the most divergent subjects that occupy him in his everyday life, even if they are controversial. One of his goals is to be able to express his opinion freely using his work. This is reflected in his alias, that comes from the English expression ‘to be frank’, which means as much as being sincere and sometimes brutally honest.