Paper Entomology | 100 x 100cm
Helen Ward
27th November 2015
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Spyra | 100 x 100cm

Chris Wood


I work with glass and a variety of optical materials, in order to exploit the aesthetic potential of light. My work explores the physics of light, creating optically kinetic works that delight and engage the viewer, encouraging them to question ‘How’? My aim is to encourage the viewer to consider the materiality of light itself by harnessing and ordering the light into ephemeral filmic images or patterns of changing colour, light and shade.

After studying Furniture Design, I went on to study glass at the Royal College of Art, where I worked on architectural scale projects dealing with light and space.  I live and work in Cambridgeshire producing commissioned work for both the public and private sector. This work is informed by the exploratory work created for exhibition.

I have exhibited extensively throughout the UK and show regularly in Europe, the Far East, Canada and the United States. In 2005 I was selected for the Arts Council England East’s Escalator Visual Arts Scheme. This scheme identified eleven of the most promising artist in the region in order to support and develop their practice.

I have been commissioned by many large organisations such as Architect Zaha Hadid, IPC Media, Deloitte & Touche, Barclays’ bank, Wellcome Trust, Premier Travel and number of large hospitals. I am currently working on ‘A Celebration of Life’, an organ donor recognition commission for Great Ormond Street Hospital.