FEES | 98 x 98cm
Jacinto Moros
27th November 2015
Blue and Red Rotation
Peter Monaghan
27th November 2015
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Flowers II | 100 x 100cm
Flowers II | 100 x 100cm
Jarron Turquesa (Turquoise Vase) | 96 x 96cm
Fruit | 100 x 100cm
Violetas (Violets) | 70 x 70cm
Hiedra (Ivy) | 70 x 70cm
Vas Con Flores (Vase with Flowers) | 122 x 122cm
Cuenco (Bowl) | 70 x 70cm
Vase III | 70 x 70cm
Plate II | 80 x 80cm
Noche (Night) | 96 x 96cm
Flores | 100 x 100cm
Plate with Strawberries | 80 x 80cm

Fran Mora


Born in Huelva in the south of Spain in 1979, Mora studied at the School of Fine Arts in Seville where he specialized in painting.

This current body of work called ‘Domestic Nature’  finds beauty in the every day objects around us which we take for granted. A bowl of fruit is transformed into its simplest form allowing us to create our own narrative.

Using traditional methods he layers gesso and oils onto linen, sometimes using paper and textiles to create texture.  By using bright, almost neon colours, Mora brings these very traditional methods right back to the 21st Century.

There is a translucency of light to Mora’s painting, which at times exudes a calmness and serenity at odds to the vibrant colours of his flower paintings.

The bowl is a recurring theme in Mora’s work, it’s probably the most basic of all domestic objects and yet is a symbol of ‘fullness’ and one of the simplest pleasures in life, that of eating and sharing.

Other bodies of work include Mora’s travels, in Norway and Morocco where again the mountains, markets and city scenes are stripped down to their simplest forms and marked with vibrant colours.

Mora’s painitngs hang in many public and private collections in Spain including La Caixa, and The Museum of Contemporary Art Vasquez Diaz.