Chris Wood
27th November 2015
Ascending Cube | 98 x 98cm
Rose Vickers
27th November 2015
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Paper Entomology | 100 x 100cm
Paper Entomology | 63 x 63cm
Paper Entomology | 100 x 100cm
Paper Entomology | 28 x 28cm
Paper Entomology | 84 x 84cm

Helen Ward


Helen Ward is a Bristol based freelance designer/illustrator. Having graduated from UWE in 2001 with a degree in Graphic Design, Helen started her career making pop-up books whilst training as a traditional bookbinder.

These paper entomology artworks are made using paper pieces that have been hand cut with a scalpel and individually pinned into place. The coloured designs are made from vintage hand marble paper. These papers are very previous and date back as far as the late 19th Century. They were made by highly skilled craftsmen using pigments and techniques that have since been lost.