Wave | 96 x 96cm
Rachael Nee
27th November 2015
Flowers II | 100 x 100cm
Fran Mora
27th November 2015
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FEES | 98 x 98cm
FEES | 98 x 98cm
FEC1 | 98 x 98cm

Jacinto Moros


Jacinto Moros was born in 1959 in Cetina, Zaragoza, Spain.

Moros’ art is characterized by his innovative use of the sculpture medium. By creating friction between his chosen material and their resulting forms, Moros develops a rhythmic weightlessness in space, as seen through his wood work and embossed monochromatic reliefs.

The artist has been exhibited internationally, including the New Museum in New York City, the Sculpture Center, and the Smithsonian Institute, among others. Moros is also found in many private collections worldwide. He currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain.