White on Gold II | 77 x 75cm
Jack Frame
27th November 2015
Confinement | 67.5 x 67.5cm
Jana Emburey
27th November 2015
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Arboretum in Colour | 103 x 105cm
Arboretum in Colour | 103 x 105cm
Wildwood | 100 x 100cm
The Pink Barn | 114 x 84cm
Staoineag Bothy | 71 x 81.5cm
Red Winter Barn | 34 x 34cm
Pink Shack & Palms | 76 x 85.5cm
Patchwork Barn | 83 x 100cm
Distant Forest | 37 x 37cm
Distant Forest | 34 x 34cm
Blue Farm with Trees | 85 x 115cm
Birch Horizon | 83 x 113cm
Birch Forest in Colour | 81.5 x 71cm
Birch & Pines | 47 x 51cm
Beach Shanty | 80 x 84cm

Kate Evans


Kate’s work  uses delicate line drawings and watercolour washes with large areas of negative space to produce images that reflect the richness of their subject matter.

Her work creates a feeling of isolation and space, ultimately depicting the sheer wilderness of these locations.

The process of mark-making and experimentation with colour are important elements to Kate’s practice.  She works in mixed media; using a combination of watercolour and pencil. This allows her the freedom to produce different effects, playing with the transparency of the medium creating deep and layered imagery.