Paul Kessling
27th November 2015
Soul Sister | 114 x 114cm
Nemo Jantzen
27th November 2015
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Woodcut Beech | 92 x 76cm
Woodcut Beech | 92 x 76cm
Woodcut Oak | 92 x 76cm
Woodcut Beech | 92 x 76cm
Libris Machine Grey | 72 x 57cm
Libris Graphite | 46 x 63cm

Kate Kessling


Kate Kessling trained at Goldsmiths College in the late 1980s, followed by an MA in Conceptual Textiles through a British Council Scholarship to Poznan Academy of Art. Kate runs a studio in Oxford.

Woodcut Printing is the oldest  method of printing, dating to around 1400 in Europe and from around 800 in Japan.The tree used for this series of prints is European Beech, planted 200 years ago on the edge of St Christopher’s Wood, on the Ardington Estate, Oxfordshire. The growth rings on the tree capture a unique ‘carbon-14’ signature of the atmosphere during the years over which it has grown. The distinctive formation of the tree rings reflect the location of the tree, it’s exposure to wind and the specific climatic conditions of each year.

These woodcut prints were made on location and have been printed on archival Heritage Wood Free paper .