Large Magic Circle | 97 x 94 x 12cm
Rogan Brown
27th November 2015
Golden | 92 x 122cm
Gabriela Aguilo Firehammer
18th February 2016
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Woodland Log Spring | 120 x 150cm
Woodland Log Spring | 120 x 150cm
Vernal Equinox After Paul Nash 1 | 90 x 65cm
Spring Walk | 90 x 65cm
In The Moment II | 150 x 150cm
In the Moment III | 150 x 150cm
End of Port Eynon Point Study 1 | 40 x 30cm
Moorland 1 | 190 x 100cm

Katie Allen


Katie Allen centres her work primarily on the landscapes of her native South Wales, their changing seasons and shades, transforming them into rich textile of patterns, forms and colours.  The paintings when viewed as a whole are of recognisable landscapes and natural forms – trees and plants, insects and birds – but on closer inspection become detailed abstract patterns composed of intricate designs and subtle colour harmonies.


Katie’s new paintings have been greatly influenced by a recent trip to India; the vast palaces decorated with beautiful intricate patterns composed of gemstones and mirrors, reflecting the light so giving them a jewel like quality, the delicate miniature paintings and richly coloured textiles.


The paintings explore the play of scale from macro to micro and the movement between representational and abstract.  They are enjoyed on different levels, with the viewer constantly finding new areas to explore and be drawn into.  The rich colours and interplay of harmonies at once reflect the soothing landscapes on which they are based, and at the same time recall the vibrant energy of nature, creating a delicious tension between tranquillity and excitement, serenity and stimulation.


Katie Allen lives and works in Swansea, South Wales.