Woodcut Beech | 92 x 76cm
Kate Kessling
27th November 2015
Pink Blossom | 121 x 101cm
Jack Frame
27th November 2015
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Soul Sister | 114 x 114cm
Soul Sister | 114 x 114cm
Lucky Me | 120 x 120cm
Rock & Roll | 120 x 141cm
Pure Nature | 84 x 125cm

Nemo Jantzen


Nemo’s recent works depict a narrative of cinematographic illusion, intimacy and beauty. Challenging his earlier traditional figurative pieces and the essence of privacy, this series of works have Perspex bubbles covering a miniature photograph in accord with the over all image and title.

In approaching the piece, and once the viewer has realised it is a clever pattern of not just coloured spheres but actual images, the viewer instinctively comes closer, extremely close in fact, in order to see what they are all about. And this is when the piece has achieved the artist’s desire; Nemo in his own words would say: the closer you come, the less you’ll see. It’s about the bigger picture…just as in life.

Nemo lives and works in New York.