Restful | 138 x 138cm
Tay Bak Chiang
27th November 2015
Fold A | 75 x 83cm
Peter Monaghan
27th November 2015
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Wave | 96 x 96cm
Pact | 97 x 97cm
Afterglow | 78 x 78cm
Reunion | 128 x 128cm
Plume II | 65 x 65cm
Plume 1 | 65 x 65cm
Phoenix II

Rachael Nee


“I use the sooty carbon trace left from a candle flame to make smoke drawings. To me this ephemeral material expresses the passage of time, memory, absence and our fragile and transient nature. A background in ceramics is no doubt the reason why I’m drawn to using fire as a creative tool.

I work with and enjoy the element of risk, total concentration is needed to make the drawings. Fire creates an irreversible transformation, there is no going back, images cannot be unburned. But as you can imagine, as in life, much does go up in smoke”.

Rachael’s work is held in public and private collections both in the UK and abroad.

b.1964, UK. 1984 -’87, Bristol Polytechnic. 2002-’04, University of West of England, Bristol. Elected an Academician of the Royal West of England Academy in 2007 and selected for the Jerwood Drawing prize in 2005.