Untitled Male Portrait | 120 x 90cm
Call Me Frank
27th November 2015
Woodland Log Spring | 120 x 150cm
Katie Allen
17th February 2016
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Large Magic Circle | 97 x 94 x 12cm
Large Magic Circle | 97 x 94 x 12cm
Magic Circle Variation II | 69 x 71cm
Gold Mandala 1 | 81 x 81cm
Gold Mandala 2 | 81 x 81cm
Gold Mandala 3 | 81 x 81cm
Silver Mandala 1 | 81 x 81cm
Siver Mandala 2 | 81 x 81cm
Cut Stem | 75 x 75cm

Rogan Brown


Rogan Brown’s work explores the boundaries between observational study and artistic interpretation, existing somewhere between scientific accuracy and pure, unbridled imagination. Using both a scalpel and a laser he creates intricate, fragile relief sculpture out of layers of cut paper making multiple visual references: cell structures, microbes, anatomical models, coral, fossils, vegetal forms, insects, sea shells etc. These can take up to 5 painstaking months to create.

Brown is a graduate of Goldsmiths’ College and holds an MA in Cultural Theory from Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University. He was named Emerging Artist of the Year at the National Open Art Exhibition in London in 2014.