Ascending Cube | 98 x 98cm
Rose Vickers
27th November 2015
Hydrometeors 1 | 100 x 100cm
Juliet Piper
27th November 2015
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Kindred | 134 x 134cm
Kindred | 134 x 134cm
Skywards | 138 x 138cm
Safe Harbour | 138 x 138cm
Clear Skies | 138 x 138cm
Cherish | 138 x 138cm
Interlude | 96 x 114cm
Season in the Sun | 190 x 64cm
Aplomb | 138 x 138cm
Forevermore | 134 x 134cm
Howl | 134x134cm

Tay Bak Chiang


Tay Bak Chiang, born in 1973, graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 1995 and studied at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China, in 1997. He was awarded the First Prize in the Chinese Painting category in the 19th and 22nd United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Competitions (2000 and 2003 respectively). In 2002 he received the Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Bak Chiang’s work is rooted in Chinese ink painting but should bear the imprint of the environment and reflect the spirit of contemporary times. His Stone series began after a walk through a nature reserve in Singapore, where they seemed to emanate a cool stillness amongst the greenery. He uses a mix of pigments and Chinese ink and colours to create his works.