Still Life With Persimmon | 107 x 107cm
Relton Marine
27th November 2015
Vedetta | 136 x 136cm
Paul Kessling
27th November 2015
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Ice Painting, Rose Earth | 87 x 87cm
Ice Painting, Rose Earth | 87 x 87cm
Ice Painting, Spectra | 87 x 87cm
Ice Painting, Citrine | 87 x 87cm
Ice Painting, Cadmium Red | 87 x 87cm

Mirren Kessling


The catalyst for Mirren Kessling’s ‘Ice Painting’ was a photographic assignment to Iceland in which she photographed the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Mirren subsequently made an environmentally themed performance film “Cryosphere” shown at the Museum for the History of Science in Oxford in which blocks of ice slowly melted above her head, an evocative performance piece about the consequences of climate change to our biological systems as glaciers and ice sheets recede.


The flow of ice as it thaws became the starting point for this new series of drawings. Pigments frozen into blocks of ice are laid onto thick watercolour paper to melt in the sun. This slow process of mark-marking by ‘Autogenetic painting’ with ice and pigment allows colours to mix and marks to evolve organically through the actions of freezing, thawing and evaporation.


Mirren has exhibited at the Modern Artists Gallery Oxon, Museum for the History of Science, The Ashmolean Museum and the Ruskin Shorts Performance Event at Modern Art Oxford. Her works have been exhibited at art fairs within the UK, plus internationally throughout Europe, New York, Miami and Asia, including Hong Kong and Singapore. 



Art and Design Foundation Oxford Brookes 2012 – 2013 (Distinction
BFA Fine Art – The Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford 2013 – 2016